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Charity No. 1171202

Charity No. 1171202

Charity No. 1171202Charity No. 1171202




  Our 1-2-1 listening sessions are delivered by a qualified Youth Worker. We support and encourage  young people  to identify their own needs and the challenges they face. We provide them  with risk reduction information and  tools to build their resilience so they  can start to make practical steps towards positive change. These changes include building self esteem, establishing healthy relationships, reducing drug use, having a voice that is heard and being valued.   

IMPACT Youth (9-12 years old)


 At Impact Youth we offer activities that focus on life skills. Youth workers facilitate initiatives that encourage young people to make positive contributions to their community and help them celebrate their outcomes and achievements. Young people can also access 1-2-1 active listening support during these sessions. 



In conjunction with the Duchess's Community High School, Community @NE66 deliver independent well-being drop-in sessions at lunchtime. Young people can access confidential and non-judgemental support for any issues. We offer the NHS C-card and chlamydia & gonorrhea screening services as well as supported referrals to other specialist services. These sessions promote healthy relationships, education on consent and delay, and safeguarding assessments that are especially focused on Child Sexual Exploitation. 

Play (4-8 years old)



The activities within our Play focus on resilience and cover areas such as promoting healthy friendships, personal care, self-worth, ownership of one’s body, an understanding of consent (age appropriate physical contact), secure attachments, communication skills, self-belief, positive attitude, collective responsibility and reflective skills. 

key fund group


 The Key Fund  at Community @NE66 is a process that allows groups of young people to raise money for projects that they are really interested in.  The Key Fund focuses on a young person lead approach, where young people are responsible for deciding on the direction they want their group to take together with  the planning and facilitation of their chosen activities.  Key Funds can be set up for groups of 3 or more young people between the ages of 11 and 19. Our Key Fund is open to any young people in our community who would like to start their own group. 

Community Counselling & Therapy


 When working with partners agencies in Northumberland, we recognised that there were substantial gaps in the current mental health and well-being provision in our area. We therefore created a project that offers vulnerable young people and community members free access to our Community Counselling and Therapy project. The project provides early intervention solutions designed to alleviate the long-term risks of mental health and well-being issues. This in turn enables  them to thrive within their community.  The project works  with young people who fall beneath the current threshold that exists for CYPS/CAMHS services and our delivery hubs in Alnwick Community Centre and the Duchess's Community High School offer support for clients who struggle to access  statutory services.  

junior and senior girls


supporting young woman

We endeavour to make Alnwick Community Centre a place where young woman are valued and can discover a  sense of belonging to. Our goal is to develop their leadership, communication and life skills as a  strong platform upon which young womaen can  build their emotional resilience,  practical capabilities and aspirations for when they outgrow the youth group.  It is our aim that when they leave the  youth club they are well equiped  to  select and build their own safe networks in their communities.  


Consultation with  young women at the centre identified three skill areas that they wanted to explore. These areas now  form the foundation  upon which our activities are based:

  1. ARTS.  Activities that develop new artistic skills and showcase their positive contributions to the community
  2. ENTERPRISE.  The provision of  'start-up' grants for young women so that they can devise fund raising activities that generate profits to  re-invest in the group.
  3. RAISING AWARENESS OF YOUTH ISSUES.  Sessions in which young woman work to find innovative ways to raise awareness amongst their peers of issues such as child sexual exploitation, young carers, underage drinking, mental health issues and healthy relationships.